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As A young womAn

琳达告诉我作为一个年轻的女人的经验 如同 就像 的意思吧

A 试题分析:as作为,如同;in在某时时间空间范围,穿某种颜色的衣服;of关于……的;句意:看!这个年轻的女孩正在打扮成一个穿黑裙子的老妇人。短语dress up as打扮成……;in可以用来表示穿某种衣服,故选A。

D 考查形容词; A.precious宝贵的,B.special特殊的,C.specific明确的,具体的,D.stable稳定的,句意是:随着故事的发展,年轻的女士在做几次兼职工作后在图书馆找到了稳定的工作。选D。


Anne Sullivan 长成大姑娘之后,喜欢帮助别人,同时也被护士好心照顾着。 她几乎看不见任何东西,有一次,她因为精神问题被关在精神病院的地下室。

(3) A young woman sat by the window. → By the window sat a young ...(2) As I didn’t know her address, I wasn’t able to get in touch...

a piano concert

写一个英语作文As they spotted a young woman underneath the rubble, the rescue workers were sad to find that she had already been dead, yet surprised ...

A certain good woman one day said something that hurt her best friend of many years. She regretted it immediately, and would have done anything to have taken the words back. But they were said, impulsively, in a moment of thoug...

不好意思,刚才看错了哈 A。上升到的位置 选C的话,还要用一个be动词表示被动

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